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Cocoa Connection |



We revolutionize the cocoa market, taking care of the people and protecting the planet.

“We delight farmers, chocolate makers and consumers by providing them what they need the most.”

Connecting People

Connecting cocoa producers in Latin America with chocolate makers in Europe in a sustainable and fair network

Saving the Rainforest

Promoting the traditional agroforestry system and contributing to the biodiversity conservation

Building Fairness

Developing shorter and sustainable supply chain with a better price for farmers and chocolate makers


Supporting Farmers

Providing training and on-going support to the farmers for a better quality production

Boosting Quality

Improving the production practices, by selecting the best cocoa beans



Helping chocolate makers to find single origin raw materials directly in touch with the producers without passing through big multinational companies

Are You…

“When you see cocoa trees growing in the middle of the rainforest you know there is no better place for them. It is just the perfect environment for the plant, the fruits and the chocolate. Nowadays though, the intensive production is one of the biggest causes of deforestation. 

Fortunately, there are still cocoa farmers who lives in harmony with the local flora and fauna. We want to work with them, support them and give them the opportunity to enter the international market. The good news is that there are also more and more chocolate makers who want to create their high-quality treats using unique cocoa varieties directly from the farmers. That’s why CocoaConnection is here!”

Giulia Porrini

Founder, MBA in Development Economics, Chocolatier

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