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CHOCOLATE MAKER | Cocoa Connection

Cocoa Connection for

Chocolate Makers

Why join Cocoa Connection?

  • Bean-to-bar chocolate? To CHOOSE among hundreds of different cocoa flavours, countries of origin and farms
  • Chocolate couverture? To obtain the product you WANT, from the beans you CHOOSE, through the grinder you SELECT  
  • To MAKE unique & better quality chocolate 
  • To SUPPORT farmers and the biodiversity of cocoa
  • To RECEIVE your order directly at your place with 100% TRANSPARENT transactions

Be Cocoa Connected ➜ Sign up here

What do we do for you?

  • We PROVIDE a platform where you can find and get in touch with your supplier
  • We ORGANIZE a controlled short supply chain
  • We OFFER you a list with the flavour description of the beans
  • We SHOW you a map of CocoaConnected people: farmers, grinders & chocolate makers
  • We ORGANIZE the logistics & DELIVER the beans

YOU focus on your production.

WE do the rest.

How much does it cost? 

To join CocoaConnection platform is completely FREE. Once you have sold your beans, we will transparently add our service fee. This fee is included in the final price that will be paid by the buyer.