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DOCUMENTARIES | Cocoa Connection


Here our works from Brazil, Colombia and Bolivia.
Three massively different countries where cocoa has three different meanings.
Cocoa can be a better future for the people recovering in the Fazenda da Esperança, can be the cultivo de paz (“crop for peace”) as an alternative to the coca production, or can be a tradition thousands of years old belonging to the wild rainforest, where indigenous people only harvest what the Mother Nature gives them.
Cocoa has so many meanings and can be a powerful life-changer for so many people. This is what we want to show in these documentaries, so sit down and have a look!

Matteo Pietrobelli

And this is our talented and brave videomaker Matteo Pietrobelli. Nothing stops him and his huge camera, not even the tropical wall of rain coming down from the sky!

Beni, Bolivia. March 2019

Santander, Colombia. October 2018

Bahia, Brazil. February 2018